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Re:Creators – S1:E2 – “……that wasn’t funny.” 

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Re:Creators

When we last left the world of Re:Creators, student Sota Mizoshino found one of his favorite anime characters, Selesia Ulpitira in his world. The fight between Selesia and the Military Uniform Princess ended abruptly when a mage-like character named Meteora intervened (my personal favorite among the heroes, I love her sense of curiosity). Meteora used a set of missiles to distract the Military Uniform Princess and protect her new friends before the Princess escaped.

Episode 2, labelled “….that isn’t funny”, picks up at Sota’s place, with Meteora and Selesia fitting into their new surroundings. Meteora introduces herself as Meteora Osterreich, a Librarian at the Library of a Thousand Miles. Sota recalls her character from a video game called ‘Avalken of Reminisce”. Having spent the night discussing their situation, Selesia and Meteora understand that they are characters with rich stories to back them up, though there still is a bit of confusion as to why they were brought into the Real World. Since Sota knew so much about the two, they form a quick alliance in an attempt to locate their own Creators and learn more about the world around them.

With new lives comes fresh experiences, and the trio spend some time in city theorizing over lunch. Meteora believes that the Real World and the story worlds were at one time independent, but there’s been a fusion of sorts. With opening the door to ‘the land of the gods’ (the Real World), almost every story has the potential to have its characters fall into reality. There’s also a bit of discussion on how the Princess knew Sota, but he’s unable to find a connection yet.

So, the search begins for Selesia’s creator. In the middle of doing so, the girls realize that all of the anime and video games he plays, Sota himself maybe a Creator. He’s reluctant to share any of his work, however. The team is able to locate Selesia’s Creator, Matsubara. When Selesia introduces herself to him, it doesn’t go quite as planned. He assumes she’s a Cosplayer, and a rather attractive one at that. The team helps to convince him before Selesia’s sword can, but the whole scene is interrupted with a new character on the scene.

Mamika Kirameki is a pink haired girl from the anime series Magical Slayer Mamika. She seems quite innocent, but proclaims that the Princess told her about the land of the gods, which has twisted her worldview somewhat. What kind of god would create a world where their creations are punished in so many different ways? Writers understand that for the audience to stick with a story, a character has to go through some kind of drama or task. From Mamika’s point of view (and by extension, the Princess), the Creators should be punished for making their worlds the hells they are. Selesia’s view on this is that she’ll decide for herself just what kind of person Matusbara is for her. This leads to an argument between Mamika and Selesia that turns into a full on flying firefight over the city, complete with explosive candy hearts.

During the fight, Sota convinces Matsubara that Selesia is indeed real. Without Vogelchavalier (her quasi-Gundam), she doesn’t stand a chance, and is somewhat bested by Mamika. Mamika realizes that unlike her world of bubbles and stars, there’s a lot of blood in the real world. Despite all of this, she still asks Selesia to submit to her view. When she doesn’t, Mamika tries to blast her into Oblivion. Selesia is saved by the introduction of yet another character on the scene, in the form of the sword wielding crime villain Yuya Mirokuji, from the manga “Exclusive Underground”.  What are his intentions, exactly?

And that is the end of Episode 2.

Re:Creators Episodes: 

Episode One: “I will remember everything that happened to me.”

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