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Storybook Love (by Mark Knopfler & Willy DeVille) 
Today is Mark Knopfler's 73rd Birthday! I know of him from The Princess Bride, but only discovered today that he was also a part of the band Dire Straits? That really puts Money for Nothing in a different light. We're celebrating with Knopfler's collaboration with...
A24 and Ti West release the Pearl trailer 
Anyone who watched Ti West's X since it's release in March were given a glance at Pearl, it's prequel. I saw the sneak peek teaser when X was featured in A24's Screening Room, the company's digital showcase. I thought it was just something tacked to...

The Promise (by Yodelice & Jason Glasser) 

Having just finished watching The Deep House on Amazon Prime, the film ends with this song. The Promise, by Yodelice seems to be an unreleased track of sorts. The only reference I could find to it also credits a Jason Glasser as well. It’s a lovely piece that reminds me a bit of Depeche Mode, Wicked Game and a little bit of Nick Cave. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find any lyrics for it.

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