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HBO showcases The Last of Us Teaser trailer! 
Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us was one of the first modern videogames to gain my younger cousin's interest in playing. Although I finished it the normal difficulty, she was able to complete it on its hardest settings and went on to continue with the...
Only Solutions (by Journey) 
From YouTuber Encom System (great name, by the way), we have a special 12" Extended Version of Journey's Only Solutions, used in 1982's Tron. The video also showcases some of the behind the scenes on the classic film, and runs nearly 6 minutes, mixing nicely...

We Will Rock You, Bossa Nova! Mashup (Elvis vs RHCP vs Queen vs FloRida vs CeeLo Green) 

It’s hard sometimes to find a really good mashup that blends two (or more) songs together. Via Shahar Varshal on YouTube, this video contains 5 different pieces blended into a fun mix:

From Elvis Presley, we have Bossa Nova Baby.
From The Red Hot Chili Peppers, we have Dani California.
From Queen we have We Will Rock You.
From Flo-Rida, we have Whistle.
From Cee Lo Green, we have Crazy.


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