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All Will Be Carved in Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Teaser 
I was kind of hoping to hear John Harrison's "Something to Tide You Over" from Creepshow in this trailer, but I guess that requires some copyrights. Eli Roth looks like he's keeping it simple and close to the original fake trailer he created for 2007's...
I’m Just Ken (by Ryan Gosling) 
Growing up in the 80s, I'll admit to having had numerous bouts of breaking out into song while walking home from school and lamenting unrequited love. From Greta Gerwig's Barbie, "I'm Just Ken" hits the mark so well here. In the theatre, the song (along...

Roslyn – by Bon Iver & St. Vincent 

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Say what you will about The Twilight Saga, but it did give us some great tunes. One of my favorites is Roslyn, by Bon Iver & St. Vincent. I’ll admit to not really knowing many of the lines to this one (and now that I read them, the lyrics are a little weird). It’s more an overall feeling of relaxation with this song. Just don’t listen to it while driving, because you might fall asleep. 🙂


Up with your turret
Aren’t we just terrified?

Shale, screen your worry
From what you won’t ever find

Don’t let it fool you
Don’t let it fool you down

Down’s sitting around
Folds in the gown

Sea and the rock below
Cocked to the undertow

Bones, blood and teeth erode
With every crashing node

Wings wouldn’t help you
Wings wouldn’t help you down

Down fills the ground
Gravity’s proud

You barely are blinking
Wagging your face around

When’d this just become a mortal home?

Won’t, won’t, won’t, won’t
Won’t let you talk me

Won’t let you talk me down

Will pull it taut
Nothing let out

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