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It’s Probably Me (by Sting, Michael Kamen, Eric Clapton, and David Sanborn) 
I just heard that Saxophonist David Sanborn passed away. Many may remember his sound from Richard Donner’s Lethal Weapon series, though he also worked with other musicians like David Bowie & Sting. It’s Probably Me is the theme song for Lethal Weapon 3, with a...
Mia Goth and Ti West take us to 1985 in the MaXXXine Trailer! 
The X trilogy kind of snuck up on everyone. The end of March 2022’s “X” gave us a sneak peek at Pearl, which ended up releasing later in theatres that same year. Now, director Ti West and actress Mia Goth are closing the loop with...

A John Wick 4 Medley (by La Castle Vania) 

Thursday evening after seeing John Wick 4, I tried finding some of the music for the film. I could tell some of it sounded like La Castle Vania’s “John Wick Mode”, but there wasn’t anything available. Over the weekend, La Castle Vania released not just one, but 4 songs for the film. If you decide to see it (and we highly recommend you do), check it out with the best sound possible.

Blood Code:


A Long Way Down:

Osaka Phonk:

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