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Child of Love (by Joss Ackland, Mary Hylan, George Gilmour and Chorus) 
I found out last night through that actor (and singer) Joss Ackland passed away at the age of 95. He’s mostly remembered for his roles as a villain in Lethal Weapon 2, The Hunt for Red October and in the Mighty Ducks films. The Apple...
Ryan Gosling’s tackling wild stunts in The Fall Guy trailer! 
Back in the 1980s, nestled between shows like The A-Team, Miami Vice, Matt Houston and McGuyver, you had The Fall Guy. It starred Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) as a stunt man who worked part time as a bail bondsman to keep himself...

Team Assembly (by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth) 

I love the Carpenter / Howarth collaborations. I’ve argued that musically, John Carpenter was at his best when working alongside Alan Howarth. On his own, Carpenter’s style has always been awesome. Halloween, John Carpenter’s Vampires and his work with his son Cody on the modern Halloween films are great examples of that. Howarth and Carpenter worked together on The Fog, Halloween II, Escape From New York, Big Trouble in LIttle China, Prince of Darkness and They Live.

Team Assembly, from the Prince of Darkness score is one of my favorite tracks. I loved it so much that when I first heard it, I used a microphone and my mom’s Karaoke Machine/Disc Player to record the entire scene from the movie on a cassette to listen to on the go. I eventually acquired the full score. The piece would later be echoed in The Siege of Justiceville from They Live (at least to me, there’s a bit of similarity). I love the bass in this, it just booms.

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