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Joni Mitchell
Both Sides Now (by Joni Mitchell) 

All I had was a melody and an image of someone lamenting something. Walking around through my neighborhood, with all of the Christmas lights, I had this song in my head that I just could not place. The only thing I did know was a…

Werewolves Within
Werewolves Within (dir. by Josh Ruben) 

Mention the name Ubisoft to most people, and most responses are about their videogames. Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, and my personal favorite, Tom Clancy’s The Division. Ubisoft also has a movie production arm to it, along with an effects division called Hybride. With…


Calling it. 

Like Mike in Stephen King’s IT, I was the member of my family who stayed behind when everyone else moved in other directions. I was something of a security blanket for my siblings in case anything went wrong. I was reliable in that way, I…